April 2, 2015

She paced around the kitchen, listening intently to the voice on the other end of the line.

“I see much success in your future,” the woman on the other end of the line said.

The woman had said her name was Lynette, but Lord only knew if that was true. Nothing about her was particularly convincing.

“Much financial success and lots of travel,” the woman said, trying to make her voice sound a bit ethereal, trying to add in a soft lilt. It didn’t do much good, not with the thick New Jersey accent.

“Really?” she asked. “Where to?”

“You will travel for work,” the woman said. “To many exotic locations. I see Spain and Italy and…. Argentina.”

“Argentina, huh?”

“Yes,” the psychic answered. “You will travel the world. And you will travel far before you find love.”

“Really?” she said.

“Yes. There is much excitement in your future.”

“Well, that sounds dandy,” she said. “Thanks for the consult, but I think I’ve got what I need.”

“Wait…. I need to tell you about your…..”


She’d never find out what the woman was going to say, not that it would have been particularly enlightening. She plopped down on the couch next to Oscar and took a little comfort in stroking his black-and-white head.

“They’re always such fakes,” she told him. “They think they can just make crap up and get away with it?”

“Meow,” Oscar said, sympathetically.

“You’re right,” she said. “I suppose they can.”

She stayed silent for a few moments.

“None of it is ever real,” she added, sadly. “There’s so little magic in the world, even for those who want to see it.”

Travel, indeed. She thought of her anemic bank account and mounting credit card bills. Sigh. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon – certainly not anywhere interesting. Adventure, indeed.

“Not gonna happen,” she said out loud.

She gave the cat a final pat on the head before hauling herself up off the couch to go shower and change into pajamas before bed. He watched her disappear around the corner.

Slowly, lazily, he twisted, stretching and curling across the couch, in the way that only cats can. Cats have no qualms about taking up their proper space in the world and this one took up as much as he could, covering half of the couch like some sort of huge black-and-white comma.

He blinked at the doorway she had just gone through.

“Oh ye of little faith,” he said, with a funny little feline smile.
Writing Prompt:

500-1000 words * A Spiritual Advisor * a pet

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