March 9, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone….

Dear journal,

It strikes me as odd, the things that come to me in these last few moments. In ten minutes or so, the sun will set, the moon will rise and I will change. I’ve left the front door cracked open, so hopefully this time I’ll manage to go through it, instead of busting through a window like I did last month.

It was hellishly expensive to fix, by the way, and I had to offer the repairman some lame excuse about how a rabid wolf got into the house… never mind that the bits of broken glass had been on the wrong side.

It’s interesting, you know, the thoughts that occur to you just before. I never thought I’d become a werewolf – it’s not exactly the thing one dreams about as a small child, is it? Astronaut or police man, maybe. Werewolf is rarely on the radar.

Right now, for example, I’m regretting the burger I had for lunch. To be quite honest, I probably shouldn’t have – I really don’t need the extra calories. I mean, through the course of the night, I’ll have more than my fill of rabbits and various other small woodland creatures. Once I actually found a porcupine quill in my teeth the next morning, although I’m not quite sure how I managed that one. I’m not sure how many calories that is exactly, but it doesn’t really fit into diet. It’s not exactly easy to explain to your nutritionist that you’ve eaten three squirrels and a duck in one sitting, you know? Although I suppose I can’t really consider it sitting… Maybe all the exercise burns up the extra calories? I certainly hope so.

Anyway, the burger is sitting in my stomach like lead. I shouldn’t have eaten so late. Having a full stomach doesn’t make the transformation any more comfortable. There are certain perks to being a werewolf (have you tried howling at the moon? It’s awesome. I highly recommend it)… but the transformation itself isn’t one of them.

I can feel the bones shifting and breaking and rearranging under my skin. It’s just painful. And the fur’s not that great either…. I’ll be honest, I’m allergic to dogs. Have you ever been allergic to yourself? It’s not fun. And it’s hard to respect a sneezing werewolf. Seriously… the other guys make fun of me. Is there such a thing as canine Claritin? I’ll have to check on that at a time when my hands are less… shaky.

The sun is just a rosy glimmer through the trees and I can feel the change coming … bubbling up inside me like…. Well, like nausea, quite frankly. I’ve told you the transformation isn’t fun.

The bones in my fingers are starting to crackle and pop. I should go before I …….. fasfsd dsafasdfasdgasasdgg

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(write for) 10 minutes * journal entry * running out of time

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