February 13, 2015


I’ve been taking this week off for personal reasons (any of you know me well know why), but I did want to post something for Valentine’s day. I’m not currently in a relationship, but that doesn’t stop me from writing romantic mush…. So, here, in honor of Valentine’s day, is a little ditty. It’s largely un-edited, so you’ll forgive me if the meter is off. It’s also a bit cheesy and silly…. hopefully you’ll forgive me for that, too. Personally, I think it works so much better if you sing it, but I suppose you’ll be the judge:

“So…. what are you like, really?”


I’m like the entrance,

When all you could find is the exit door.

I’m the last slice of pizza…

I keep you coming back for more.

I’m the final button

That fell off your favorite sweater.

The one you found in the wash last week.

That you thought was lost forever.

I’m the hour you thought you’d lost

When all you needed was time to spare.

I’m the comb hidden in your pocket

When you’ve forgotten to brush your hair.

I’m the word that wouldn’t come

When what you needed was a rhyme.

And I’m the perfect alibi

Backing up your perfect crime.

Together we’re like the Garden of Eden

Without all those stupid snakes in the grass

We’re like Benedict Cumberbatch

The perfect actor with the perfect ass.

We’re the perfect salsa

All the spice without the burn

We’re like the theory of evolution

We’re the monkey who finally learned!

You and me – we’re like peanut butter and jam

But without all those yucky seeds.

We’re like Hercules (but a lot brighter)

Gettin’ done those mighty deeds.

You and me, we go together.

We’re like Meriweather and Clark

You and me, we’re not just a couple.

We’re the inspiration that lights the spark.

You and me, when we’re together

We’re the battery that never stops.

Because I am not the bottom.

We’re both the tops.


Also, it has only recently occurred to me that people might not recognize the reference I’m making. If you don’t know the original song I’m referring to, here’s a good rendition of it (obviously, I don’t own this material):


Image courtesy of:



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