January 28, 2015

She pressed her nose up against the glass, like a puppy waiting to be adopted. If she’d had a tail, it would’ve been wagging.

Good thing she didn’t have a tail.

“Have some decency,” she muttered to herself, pulling herself away from the glass and straightening the lapels on her suit jacket. But she didn’t stop herself from staring through the big picture-window of the bakery.

It had, she reasoned, been a long day. And she was tired. She could let herself look for a few moments, even if she knew she couldn’t have what she wanted. After all, she reasoned, who was she hurting?

Nobody, really, aside from herself.

So…. There. Why shouldn’t she look?

She drew in a deep breath and let it out, focusing on the image in the window, so much so that she didn’t notice the elderly man who paused next to her.

He looked in the window and smiled.

“Sure looks great, doesn’t it?” he said. “Makes me drool just looking at it.”

She nodded.

It was a high-end bakery, with fresh croissants and fruit tarts and homemade marzipan fruits, in addition to lots of other pastries so fancy she didn’t know what they were called, she noticed, now that she looked at them.

She brought her gaze back to the happy couple seated just in front of the window.

The young woman’s hair had fallen out of its’ bun, strands of hair straggling around her face. Her boyfriend seemingly didn’t notice – or didn’t care. He smiled and broke off a piece of the croissant they were sharing, offering it to her, and then laughing as she playfully bit his fingers.

She wrapped her jacket a little tighter around herself, although it was not particularly cold outside.

“Yup,” she said. “It looks beautiful.”

Writing Prompt:

(write for) 20 minutes * female character * wanting what you can’t have

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