January 7, 2015

One pea said to another, “I wish I could get out of here.”

“I’m tired of this place,” he said. “It’s always dark and cold. And there’s never anything to do around here.”

“But it’s home,” said his brother in the pod. “It may be cold. But it’s where we belong. Why would you ever want to be anywhere else?”

“Because,” he said.

For really, he had no other reason. Simply, because. Because he wanted to. Because he could not explain this longing, this desire inside his soul. For somewhere deep inside of this little pea, reader, (which is, after all, not very deep, since most peas are very small and this one was no exception) there was a longing – a knowledge that there was more to the world than he was given. And a desire to see it.

“I want to see the world,” he told his podmate.

“I feel,” he said. “That there is beauty out there and I would like to see it.”

But peas in pods have rather limited options. They have no legs, nor do they have the muscles to move them if they did. So our little pea did the only thing he could do – he sat in his pod.

Through a small sliver in the outside of the pod, he could see bits and pieces of the outside world. He saw the green of his fellow peas, sitting snugly in their pods, the occasional pink-and-white flash of a worker’s hand as they passed through the fields. The golden glow of sunshine. An occasional peek of blue sky.

But the little pea knew that there was more out there – and he wanted so much more. Day by day, his imagination ran wild. He saw himself on board a pirate ship, a peg-legged swashbuckler, wielding a cuirass with remarkable accuracy, which was surprising, considering he had a patch over his eye. Another day, he became a famous explorer, climbing snow-covered peaks and growing a grizzled white beard. Every day he found a new adventure and every day his heart sank a little, because none of them were real. And the little pea did not know how to make his dreams come true.

Some dreams, reader, are perfectly achievable. Children who find themselves dreaming of ice cream cones may find that their dreams come true in swift order. But some dreams, unfortunately, are not to be, like the dreams of little peas who wish to be world-famous explorers. For you see, peas do not have legs to climb with. Or indeed, anything else that would make such dreams possible.

But simply because something is impossible…. Well, that doesn’t make it any less lovely, does it?

Simple because something is impossible – that doesn’t make it any less true or beautiful. Things that cannot be are just as beautiful as things that are, reader. Sometimes more so, for their very lack of existence.

And so our little pea sat in his pod and, day by day, he dreamed.

In fact, he was enjoying a rather colorful fantasy in which he was a rock star, screaming lyrics from a neon-lit stage when, one day, his little pod began to move. He felt the warmth of soft, pink fingers as a hand plucked him from the vine and his little pea heart beat faster as the hand tossed the pod into a waiting bucket.

Maybe, he thought, this was his chance. Maybe he was finally going to escape the confines of the dank little pod and live the life of adventure he had always dreamed of.

“Stop shoving,” said his podmate.

“I can’t help it,” said the little pea, who was, at this point, vibrating with excitement. “This is my chance.”

“This is going to be wonderful,” said the little pea.

And his little pea heart kept thudding, as he waited for his chance. He waited and waited, holding his breath as they were dumped out of the bucket and onto some sort of moving belt.

The belt chugged and chuffed and moved the peas along, until another large pink hand shelled the peas, releasing them onto yet another conveyor belt.

The little pea smiled to himself as they fell from the conveyor belt into a water bath.

“Why, this is just like a water slide!” he exclaimed. “And soon… so very soon, I will be free.”

He kept his hopes up as the peas moved along their merry way through several rounds of water baths.

I do not know, dear reader, what the pea was thinking as he fell from that final water bath, into the can where he would remain forevermore. I do not know how he felt descending into that interminable darkness.

This is the story of a little pea who had big dreams.

There are many dreams, in this world, reader, that can never come true.

But that does not mean that they are not worth having.

Image courtesy of: http://www.morguefile.com/


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